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Board member: New Town of Huntington hires are not diverse

11 positions include directors, parks and recreation and more were filled by white men


HUNTINGTON — There is outrage after 11 newly-appointed jobs in the Town of Huntington have been all filled by white men.

The positions include directors and deputy directors of public safety, parks and recreation, environmental waste management, and more.

Town Board Member Mark Cuthbertson says he and the other Democratic board member were left out of the hiring process. On Tuesday, the rest of the town board approved the appointments of the 11 candidates. Cuthbertson thinks the town could have done a better job with looking at who to hire.

"I don't think we cast a wide enough net in those interviews and the selection process, and that's why we arrived at 11 people that I think don't necessarily reflect all the talents and diversity that are out there." Cuthbertson says.

Huntington Town spokespeople say the previous people in these positions were all white men as well. Cuthbertson adds many of the newly-appointed people previously ran for office as Republicans.
Huntington Town Supervisor Chad Lupinacci says this is only one round of hires.

"In the past several meetings, we have appointed different people to different positions with various backgrounds, and Huntington has always been committed to diversity within its workforce and will continue to have that policy of commitment to diversity," Lupinacci says.

Cuthbertson says going forward, he hopes it will be a more transparent process, including more candidates for positions with the town.

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