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Town of Smithtown recognized for improvement in safety of municipality workers

Comptroller credits proper training and education for minimizing accidents


SMITHTOWN — The Town of Smithtown has received a leadership award, recognizing its progress in improving safety for public employees. The town’s efforts not only protect workers on the job, but also have a fiscal impact, saving taxpayers money.

“It's very important to us to keep our employees safe,” said Comptroller Donald Musgnug in reference to the leadership award from the insurance company, Comp Alliance. “Our town board asked us to put an emphasis on that and provide them with the tools and equipment and the training they need to stay safe.”

The Town of Smithtown was also selected for the award for improving the workers’ compensation program.

“Our rates have gone up about 68 percent since 2012 and went down in one year alone in 2018 by $152,000,” Musgnug said.

The town's risk management program was developed last year. Musgnug says education is the best way to minimize injury risk.

“We train our employees to stay safe and to use the equipment that’s provided to them so it minimizes the risk of injury,” Musnug explained.

The town hired a health and safety manager who trains employees. Over the past year, 39 education sessions were held.

“[She] re-enforces the training classes that she provides in such things as minimizing slips and falls, how to exit a truck,” Musgnug explained.

In addition to education, the town tracks statics by capturing information as soon as there is an accident and then follows up on the incident within 24 hours.

“That information then tracks trends, so we can focus our attention of training to those trends that might take place,” Musnung said.

The award is given to one municipality out of more than 280 members of the Comp Alliance.

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