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Uprooted tree crashes into children’s bedroom in Great Neck

The parents are glad their kids were playing in the basement at the time of the incident


GREAT NECK — One Long Island family was lucky to have been in the right place at the right time when a tree came crashing into their home on Friday. The center of Natav Glucklich's Great Neck home caved in when a tree that fell on it, and it was finally lifted off the crumbling roof Tuesday. The nor’easter caused a massive amount of damage to Glucklich's home after a large tree uprooted from the backyard and crashed into two of his children's bedrooms where three of his four children sleep. Luckily. the children were playing in the basement at the time of the crash.

"It’s devastating for the kids; I underestimated how attached they are because they have lived their whole life here," Glucklich said.

Windows, electric lines, lights, and more were all ripped down by the massive tree that fell.

"For me, I keep thinking, thank God they were not there and I don't care about the rest," he said.

There were two crews throughout the day working to take the tree off of the home and protect the home ahead of the next approaching nor’easter.

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