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Valley Stream woman recounts her cyberbullying experience

Lisa Michelle Kucharz details how she was harassed online by a Canadian woman


ROCKVILLE CENTRE — An international incidence of cyberbullying ends in an arrest and charges for a Canadian woman.

For three years, Lisa Michelle Kucharz of Valley Stream said she was being cyber bullied by a Canadian woman she didn't know. The only connection they had was a short-term love interest. Kucharz said the woman who she has identified as Dion Tyson used the internet to make violent threats towards her and make her life a difficult.

“It escalated. She posted defamatory comments and graphics about me. She then impersonated me online including the most horrendous remarks that anybody could ever make about someone. She said that I was a pedophile. She said that I was prostitute,” Kucharz recounted.

Kucharz provided FiOS1 News with a screen grabs of the cyber bullying. A great deal of the words was blurred out on air due to the language used. Kucharz also provided the same screen shots to the Nassau County Police Department. The move served as her first steps in stopping the harassment once and for all.

“The Nassau County Police Department couldn't pursue this further once we found out that she was in Canada. I hired a private investigator, then a cyber investigator and attorneys. They were able to pin-point the location in Ontario. A private investigator approached the Hamilton police service on my behalf,” Kucharz said.

Kucharz said it took months, but the woman was arrested, pleaded guilty to criminal harassment and was sentenced to jail and two years’ probation. She is currently serving six months at a correctional facility in Ontario.

Meantime, the Nassau County Police Department recommends for victims of cyberbullying to keep all the evidence and then go to the local precinct where an officer will evaluate whether it has reached a level of an offense in which the cyberbully could be arrested. If that is the case, the department will make an arrest.

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