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Local Red Cross volunteers who aided Texans during catastrophic flooding tell their story

Several Long Island volunteers headed to Houston to help in the flood relief efforts

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Following the catastrophic flooding that hit Houston, Texas, more than 1,300 American Red Cross volunteers have assisted in the relief effort.

Two volunteers from Long Island returned from Texas with raw experiences that showed them how far compassion can go during a time of crisis.

Debbie Hayden is a registered nurse who immediately traveled to Houston when she got the call that they needed help.

"I’m trained to build a team, to identify local resources, figure out what are the challenges for these people post-disaster to maintain their health," Hayden explained.

While in Texas, her team came across a single father with colon cancer living in a damaged home and what she did for him changed his family’s life.

"He had medical supplies that were damaged and really ruined in the flood, so my team contacted the vendor and they sent him a free month’s supply," she said.

Volunteer Miguel Moreno, of the Red Cross Disaster Assistance Response Team and a former member of the FDNY, also traveled to help those affected by the disaster. He distributed bulk items to anyone that needed it.

He says compassion went a long way for those impacted by the flooding.

"A handshake, a hug, and especially for children who like to be held and to make sure they are well off. Children are the biggest thing that really breaks your heart when they are displaced, the way they were," Moreno said.

Debbie Hayden and Miguel Moreno’s work were able to give victims their first wind of hope during a fearsome disaster.

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