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Voters weigh in on Oyster Bay Town Supervisor race

Appointed Supervisor Joseph Saladino hopes to keep his position while challenger Marc Herman wants to bring fresh start to local government


MASSAPEQUA PARK — Long Island voters are making final deliberations on Oyster Bay Town Supervisor candidates after the seat was vacated by the indicted John Venditto.

Republican Joseph Saladino was appointed by the Oyster Bay Town Board as town supervisor after long-time Supervisor Venditto resigned following an indictment on 13 counts of federal corruption charges.

Now, Saladino is facing off against Democrat Dr. Marc Herman and voters in Oyster Bay are sharing their thoughts on their favorite candidates.

"I feel confident in him. I like his decisions," Yolanda Zitelli said about Saladino.

Others think it is time for a change and believe Dr. Herman is the best choice.

"I am voting for all Democrats because I am so sick of all the corruption in this town," Dr. Herman supporter Denise Meyer said.

The race has been a heated one. Saladino was accused of personally taking down signs for Democrats and Oyster Bay resident, Kevin McKenna. On the other hand, the New York State Department of Transportation took Saladino's Republican signs off of highway ramps.

"I have done some research, and it is illegal to put signs on the public right of way, and you are here to enforce the town code,” McKenna said during a town meeting, confronting the supervisor.

"Thank you for your statements. I do want to point out that the statements by the previous speaker are not accurate," Saladino said.

Both candidates promised to be transparent, fight corruption and lower spending for Oyster Bay.

Voters will decide who they think is the right candidate for the job Tuesday.

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