Dominic CarterApr 24, 2018, 9:38 pmApr 25, 2018, 3:02 pm

Witness: Mangano directed non-bid catering contract to Singh without approval

Another witness testified that the Office of Emergency Management was ‘run like a frat house’


CENTRAL ISLIP — Prosecutors allege Mangano directed a non-bid contract to Harendra Singh even though Singh wasn't one of the approved vendors.

Federal officials spent the entire day going back to a photo from 2012 where members of the National Guard are eating at the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management in between work for Superstorm Sandy.

John Maguire a former manager at the OEM Office Testified Mangano was the person behind Harendra Singh receiving the emergency, no-bid catering contract for food even though Singh wasn't on the list of three approved vendors.

Prosecutors showed the photo to try and illustrate how Mangano allegedly lived the good life at the expense of others. Another Nassau office of emergency management witness, Heather Senti McNeill, who resigned after being accused of stealing work time from the county, testified. Staffers were served regular food while Mangano and other top officials ate steak and shrimp in a private office. Senti McNeill also testified that Mangano made almost all the decisions. She said the commissioner at the time, Craig Craft, "would run the OEM like a frat house and leave more proper decisions to the county executive's office, the adults."

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