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Witness says Adam Skelos threatened him when he asked about his work attendance

Prosecutors said the former New York Senate leader used his position to secure a no-show job for his son


NEW YORK, N.Y. — The former supervisor for Dean Skelos was on the witness stand Thursday and he's making claims about the state senator's son and a no-show job.

Prosecutors say Dean Skelos used his political power to deliver financially for his son who allegedly had no problem throwing his dad's clout around. According to the feds, not only did he not show up to work, Adam Skelos also reportedly threatened to smash in the head of his supervisor that questioned him about his work attendance.

Under cross-examination, the former supervisor of Adam Skelos, Christopher Curcio of a medical malpractice insurance firm known as PRI, testified that the younger Skelos not only threatened him but also said, "Guys like you couldn't shine my shoes. Guys like you don't amount to anything, and if you talk to me like that again, I'll smash your [expletive] head in."

Anticipating the damaging testimony, the attorney for Skelos during opening statements yesterday told the jury that his client "should be and is truly ashamed" about threatening his supervisor with physical injury. After the testimony, Skelos sounded off.

"Chris Curcio is lying on the witness stand,” he said. ”He's covering up for his uncle. PRI was proven to be running a criminal empire by the department of financial services. That's what you’re seeing unfold on the witness stand right now."

Skelos also lashed out at federal prosecutors, accusing them of blocking evidence that would exonerate him and his father.

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