Dominic CarterApr 23, 2018, 10:47 pm

Witness: Singh struggled to pay restaurant workers but gave free meals to Mangano

The former manager said Ed Mangano gave ‘very little, if any, gratuities’


CENTRAL ISLIP — The Mangano-Venditto corruption trial resumed Monday with one former restaurant manager testifying that Ed Mangano was known as a poor tipper, even when he dined for free.

Michael Landesberg, a manager for Harendra Singh, testified that the then Nassau County executive would come in about once a week and gave "very little, if any, gratuities" to the wait staff assigned to serve him when he dined for free.

"The staff often did not want to serve him when he came in," Landesberg said.

At the same time, Landesberg said he was surprised to find later that Mangano's wife, Linda, had an alleged no-show job in the company at a time when Singh struggled to pay the workers. Their paychecks were at times delayed and the staff was cut some 20 percent, he said.

The former restaurant manager also testified Singh had asked him to train Mangano's son Sal to become a manager. When he asked if Mangano's son had any restaurant experience, he said Singh snapped at him, "He told me to shut up and stop asking so many questions.”

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