Long Island

Long Island


Bernie Igielski was next in line at a gas chamber in Auschwitz when a doctor got him off the deadly queue

Chace Quinn allegedly hid in the Shinnecock Indian Reservation for months before he was caught by police

Prosecutors said the former New York Senate leader used his position to secure a no-show job for his son

Children will be detained along with their parents during prosecution, deportation process

US Attorney Douglas Zolkind said the case was 'about the abuse of political power to satisfy personal greed'

Republicans say they feel set up after they voted no on measure that included a school safety app

Officials say 1 of them was under the influence of alcohol, marijuana

Ringleader allegedly planned heist with others to steal from casino high roller

Officials: Boy and older brother went in for a swim without parents while there were no lifeguards on duty

Joseph Dercole: ‘I just felt compelled to help someone in need’

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