Long Island

Long Island


The Hempstead Town Animal Shelter will now offer paperwork in Spanish, English

Sea surface temperatures are trending 1 degree above average, likely to draw in great white sharks

Educators learn how they can enrich their students with resources, stronger relationships

Kids who are on the spectrum have the ability to recognize perfect pitch

Officials say Steven Pagartanis drained the life savings of elderly victims

New treatment provides access to healthy meals, dietitians

Professor says the measure could save money; officials say there is no better investment

Commuters feel like their lives are being put at risk

Pablo Villavicencio is reunited with wife and daughters at home in Hempstead

Judge orders release of Pablo Villavicencio, an Ecuadorian who had been ordered to leave U.S. in 2010, after citing he’s been a ‘model citizen’

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