Long Island

Long Island


Town Supervisor Anthony Santino says Cessna was lifted 3 feet off the ground during recent wind storm

A group of strangers connect through a chain of good deeds on Long Island

Investigators say Ruddy Velasquez Morales was behind the wheel when he struck Warren Karstendick

It’s not clear whether speeding played factor in incident near intersection of Linden and Laurel avenues

Massive fire damaged five homes on East Santa Barbara Road

American Lung Association says vehicles, wildfires and power plants play factor in county’s air pollution

Darron Denninger, 25, is accused of damaging display at St. Jude’s Church

Expect elevated risk of fires again Thursday with dry conditions and low humidity

Democrat Todd Kaminsky claims victory, but Republican Chris McGrath has not conceded

Karin Caro gives her first TV interview; ‘The knife that went through my heart is indescribable’

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