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Long Islanders protest Rep. Lee Zeldin over Trump support

Protesters outside of Zeldin's office said they were disappointed with Zeldin's response to Trump's controversial response to the tragedy in Charlottesville


"I was very disappointed with my Congressman Lee Zeldin's response to President Trump's very weak response to the events in Charlottesville."

Those are the words of Katrin Summers, one of over a dozen protesters who were outside the office of Rep. Lee Zeldin on Friday.

After the violence in Charlottesville, Rep. Lee Zeldin, after denouncing the Ku Klux Klan and nazism, said that it is not right to suggest that President Trump is wrong for acknowledging the fact that criminals on both sides showed up for the purpose of being violent.

"That particular observation is completely true," Zeldin said.

But those comments were not what Friday's protesters were looking to hear, and since his comments, a petition has been circulated calling for the removal of Rep. Zeldin from the Holocaust Memorial Council.

Shoshana Hershkowitz delivered the petition, which she said had over 1,500 signatures.

"We delivered a copy of it to him, basically saying, we'd like you removed from this council unless he could denounce, single-handedly and without a 'but'... and we asked that he take President Trump to task for his words, which the Republican Jewish Coalition has done, which numerous Jewish organizations have done," Hershkowitz said.

Hershkowitz says that when she delivered a copy of the petition to Zeldin, Zeldin asked "do you bring your political props with you everywhere?"

FiOS1 requested an interview with Rep. Zeldin, but was told that he had a full schedule.

A spokesperson for Rep. Zeldin said "it is unfortunate that some people have pledged to resist, oppose and obstruct everything and anything."

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