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Young Malverne songstress set to perform at US Open

10-year-old Vivienne Coletta will perform 'America the Beautiful' on Friday night


10-year-old Vivienne Coletta will be performing "America the Beautiful" at the U.S. Open on Friday night, after being selected from over 200 submissions to the chance to sing at the famed tennis tournament.

"We were surprised because we didn't do much research into it," Vivienne's mother, Elizabeth Coletta said. "We didn't realize she was actually singing in Arthur Ashe Stadium in front of 16,000 attendees."

Vivienne has been signing since before she was in preschool, and has performed in smaller productions before, but Elizabeth says that Vivienne has never performed in front of a crowd as big as the one she'll face on Friday.

"I am just so excited, I cannot wait," Vivienne said.

Vivienne will be one of twelve vocalists under the age of 14 who will perform individually during Friday night's matches. She says that she's not nervous about her big debut tomorrow, and hopes that she can serve as an example for other young, aspiring singers.

"You can accomplish anything that you want to, it doesn't matter who you are," she said.

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