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PD: Malverne Muslim family receives message of hate in their mailbox

Nassau police are investigating the disturbing mail that was found by a family who has been living in the community for 20 years


When a Malverne resident went to get her mail on Monday, she noticed an extra piece of paper that displayed words that shocked her.

The paper has a swastika drawn at the top and read "KKK hate Muslims. We will kill you. Jesus loves you.”

“It was unsettling. I was just disgusted. I mean it was so unexpected. I never remotely ever experienced anything like that in the last 20 years,” said the victim, a mom of two who did not want to be identified.

She says after finding that first piece of paper, her son noticed something else in the mailbox a couple of hours later.

That's when the family found a paper plate that read “the KKK is coming for you Muslims.”

The victim says her daughter has been deeply affected by the hate mail.

“Today she didn't want to go anywhere. She had questions as to why would people do this kind of thing,” the victim said.

There have been no arrests yet in this case. And though the police say it may be the work of a young prankster, they are still concerned that a minor would write something so hateful.

Both the Nassau County Police Department and Malverne police are investigating.

Despite the hate mail, this Malverne family won't be scared away.

The victim doesn't have a message of anger to the person responsible for the crime. She says there's a need for education about Islam.

“This is 2017. We need to find peace and harmony for humanity to prosper,” the victim said.

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