Logan CrawfordJul 25, 2017, 5:53 pm

MTA chairman unveils plan to get deteriorating subway system back on track

Announcement comes a month after Gov. Cuomo called on Chairman Joe Lhota to fix aging infrastructure


After Governor Cuomo directed the MTA to hammer out a plan to improve the decaying subway system last month, MTA Chairman Joe Lhota announced on Tuesday that he has already implemented a plan to do just that.

During a press conference, Lhota pointed to an aging infrastructure, lack of investment, and a record volume of customers when he addressed the state of the transit system that has been failing New Yorkers and how he plans to fix it.

"I want it cleaner, I want it faster, I want it moving in the right direction,” Lhota said.

Phase one of the plan is already underway and consists of five major points of focus: track and signal maintenance, car reliability, system safety and cleanliness, customer communication, and a critical management group.

Lhota says he will dedicate a team to fix hundreds of signals and tracks that are decades old and repair subway cars more often and relocate emergency response teams.

He is also calling on the NYPD to crack down on littering, harassment, homelessness in the subways.

Also on the way is a new MTA app which will come out by the end of the year and an emergency response center at the MTA’s headquarters.

The expected price tag for phase one is $836 million, according to Lhota.

Phase two of the plan, which will cost $8 billion, will be rolled out next year with a focus on a new signal system and new subway cars.

Lhota added that another key component to the subway’s improvement will be riders’ feedback.

“If there are things I left out, I'll let the public tell me about it. But the bottom line on this whole thing is to hold me accountable," Lhota said.

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