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FiOS1 News exclusive: Another credit card skimmer found at 7-Eleven ATM in Freeport

Detectives say store on Atlantic Ave is the 7th location where device was discovered

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Massapequa man discovers ATM skimming device at Seaford 7-Eleven 

FiOS1 News was the first to tell you about a pattern of skimming devices found at ATMs throughout Nassau County. And now FiOS1 News has learned that another location has been hit.

A source says the 7-Eleven in Freeport is the latest to fit the pattern of skimming devices found in ATMs and employees confirm that a camera and device near where customers swipe their cards were found Thursday morning.

Police released images captured by store surveillance cameras of a man who allegedly placed a skimming device at a Levittown 7-Eleven. Police say he is a person of interest in this pattern now involving seven locations.

The Atlantic Avenue 7-Eleven in Freeport has now been added to a map of six other locations that police sources tell FiOS1 News fit a pattern of skimming devices found on ATMs.

The Nassau County Police Department says since they recover the credit card skimmers, it is unlikely that those who attempted to steal the credit card information were successful. Police added that officers are taking action by checking the ATMs at all 7-Eleven stores to see if they have been tampered with.

Anyone with information about the skimming devices found at the 7-Eleven stores is being asked to call the Nassau County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-244-TIPS.

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