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Nassau County Firefighters Museum offers free admission to celebrate heroes of 9/11

Exhibit offers special tribute to those who lost their lives


Today is all about honoring and remembering not only the victims who lost their lives to the 9/11 terrorist attacks but also those who responded,

The Nassau County Firefighters Museum and Education Center which is usually closed on Monday's stayed open and offered free admission to honor the heroes of 9/11,

"Our 9/11 exhibit focuses on those who were lost in Nassau County those specifically that were lost that were also volunteers in their local fire departments. Some were FDNY, police, but were also volunteers in their local departments," said Executive Director Alana Petrocelli.

At the exhibit, a memorial truck with 343 names of the New York Fire Department personnel who paid the ultimate sacrifice

“We have the plaques on the walls of the names of all 18 Nassau County volunteer firefighters that passed away,” Museum Instructor Edward Friedman said.

And the exhibit keeps growing with more names being added to the memorial truck

"We actually added last year a new part of our exhibit of the people who were lost after 9/11 and unfortunately the list continues to grow," Petrocelli said.

The exhibit "Lives of Service; Celebrating the Heroes of September 11th," was created in 2011 for the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 and is now a permanent part of the museum.

“We want people to have a space to go to remember those who were lost and it's a very special tribute that we have here and we are very proud of it, we want people to come here and see it and enjoy it,” Petrocelli said.

The Nassau County Fire Department Museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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