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Lawmakers talk Nassau’s state of affairs as county executive finishes 2nd term

Both sides of the aisle have called for the resignation of Ed Mangano, who is facing federal corruption charges


MINEOLA — FiOS1 News reported Thursday that Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano will not be running for re-election on the Republican ticket. On Friday, FiOS1 News spoke to legislators about the political state of affairs in Nassau County.

Mangano, who is facing federal corruption charges, will not be running for a third term on the Republican ticket, but remains in office despite calls for his resignation coming from both sides of the aisle.

His arrest led members of his own party to call for his resignation this past April. A call not directly made by leader of the Democrats, Kevan Abrahams, until now.

Abrahams: “What we've always said from day one is that, obviously, I don't believe in the county executive having to resign per se, but what I truly believe in that I think was good for the county, he should step aside. And I say that because it's going to become very difficult for him to do his job.”

FiOS1 News reporter: “You mean resign by when you say step aside?”

Abrahams: “Yes, yes.”

Reporter: “So you are calling?”

Abrahams: “We call for his resignation in the sense that it’s become very difficult for him to do his job.”

Abrahams notes Mangano is innocent until proven guilty.

“We are not calling for a resignation because we think that his arrest means that he's automatically guilty,” Abrahams says

Republican Norma Gonsalves, Presiding Officer of the Legislature stands by her call for Mangano's resignation.

“Our job is to make sure that we show the residents that we are interested in good government. Transparent government,” Gonsalves says.

Executive Mangano pleaded not guilty to all charges and his case is pending in federal court.
With this cloud over his head, FiOS1 News asked lawmakers what it means for the ability to govern in Nassau.

“He has, without a doubt, continued to govern, right? And we, as a legislature, have continued to govern. He still proposes and we still dispose, and there's no way in heaven that one thing has anything to do with good government. We are doing our job,” Gonsalves says.

A job that Abrahams says needs more oversight.

“We need an independent, anti-corruption officer to be in Nassau County to ensure that the process has the integrity and transparency that Nassau County residents deserve. Until he's able to offer that, it's going to become very difficult for him to get anything on his agenda through the legislature,” Abrahams says

With Mangano off the Republican ballot, the GOP candidate for county executive will be Jack Martins.
Leg. Laura Curran and County Comptroller George Maragos are vying for the Democratic nomination.

FiOS1 News requested an interview with the county executive which was declined. FiOS1 News also asked his spokesperson if there's any chance he'd run on a third party ticket and was told the only statement they could give was one line confirming that the county executive did not file Republican nominating petitions on Thursday.

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