Tennis tournament comes to recently-renovated arena after being held in Tennessee for the last 41 years

D'Andrea Dogostiano, 18, and Jahmani Harleston, 19, are accused in incident in which clerk was pistol-whipped

The Merrick native started out with a bang but lost his ground during the second set

Organizers link services to community members to foster economic opportunities

Hundreds of vehicles to be fitted with tablets by next year

James Fava apologized to Bryan Gallagher’s family before receiving prison sentence

According to statistics, 3 out of 4 parents do not discuss domestic violence with their children

Todd Howe's arrest becomes a major blow to the prosecutions case

Prosecutors say Rahimi showed no remorse for his actions and has tried to radicalize his fellow inmates

Legislation introduced in 2007 holds adults responsible for allowing minors to consume alcohol at home

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