Though his family feels ready after mourning loss of son Beau, there's not enough time to campaign now

The 2004 Boston Red Sox are only team to win a best-of-seven series after dropping the first 3 games

Decision removes possibility of vote to strip him of speakership, a likely scenario amid clamor over possible shutdown

Berra died of natural causes in his Montclair, NJ home

Railroad will eliminate little-used ticketing options

College instructor suspected in the fatal shootings of a woman and a professor at Delta State University, authorities say

Arbour won 4 straight Stanley Cup Championships

Trooper found Vester Lee Flanagan II with a self-inflicted gunshot wound; he later died at a hospital, officials say

Experts believe Obama would not endorse a candidate in the primary if both Biden and Clinton run

Workers allegedly accepted cash bribes to let cab drivers skip lines to make passenger pick-ups

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