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NJ teen says she was held in jail, accused of being affiliated with MS-13 in Brentwood

Her attorney says she was detained for a month before being released


A New Jersey teen is speaking out after she says she was jailed for a month for being falsely tied to MS-13 members in Brentwood.

Her attorney, Bryan Johnson, says that his client was falsely accused and has never committed a crime.

"There is no indication in terms of evidence that she is a gang member, she has never committed a crime, she has never threatened anyone, and she has never posed a danger to anyone," Johnson said.

She spoke to FiOS1 News about her experience in an off-camera interview through an interpreter unidentified because she fears repercussions.

"I felt very bad, I had never been in a place like that," she said about her time in jail.

Her lawyer says that she was accused of dating an alleged MS-13 gang member for six months.

"I was not aware that he would be or was a member of MS-13," she said.

"If you are going to Brentwood High School you will be observed in the presence of MS-13 gang members because it is a hotspot for the new members that have committed all these crimes," Johnson said.

Johnson says there is no definition for what is an MS-13 gang member and his client was arrested solely because someone else accused her of being affiliated.

"They told me there was a person accusing me," she said.

The young girl is an immigrant and according to her lawyer, she was only spoken to twice in jail.

"They just kept telling me that I was going to be deported. It wasn't until I spoke with my sister that she told me that she was going to get in touch with my attorney," she said.

In response to the teen’s story, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Tim Sini said: "the Suffolk County Police Department will continue to aggressively target MS-13.”

FiOS1 News reached out to ICE for a comment and have not yet heard back.

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