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Camp ensures young girls from low income families have memorable summer

North Shore Holiday House has been running for the last 100 years by community donations

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At the North Shore Holiday House you will find kids singing, dancing, swimming and more. And it is all free of charge for low income girls from ages seven to 11 on Long Island.

The camp has been running for over 100 years, thanks to donations. The new massive outdoor pavilion was made possible by the Shanley family. And Meredith Shanley says it is worth it for the life lessons they are teaching the girls.

"They instill in girls those things they might not be getting in other places; positive body image, you know, valuing their own self-worth, self-confidence," Shanley says.

"Everyone that lives in this area knows about North Shore Holiday House and they want to help us out, we are just so blessed," says Beth Packert, president North Shore Holiday House.

People like Tom Serafino from Jack Berleth & Sons Plumbing even donate their time to service the camp.

"It’s just for a good cause. You know, we do it to help out the neighborhood camp," Serafino says.

Most of the little ladies at the camp say rooming in the cabins is one of the most fun parts. They share stories and make new friends but that’s not the only thing they are enjoying here at the holiday house.

200 girls from low income families will go through the 10-day camp program this summer for free.

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