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NYU Winthrop Hospital ready to serve in case of mass casualty trauma incident

Hospital officials detail the preparations they routinely conduct to always stay prepared


As the only level 1 trauma center in Las Vegas deals with an inundation of patients following the mass shooting at the country concert this week, Long Island trauma centers are spotlighting how they stay prepared for the rare occurrence of a mass casualty.

"What happened in Vegas is anybody’s worst nightmare and the reason that level one hospitals exist is to address these kinds of issues," said Dr. D'Andrea Joseph, interim trauma program director and division chief of trauma and critical care at NYU Winthrop Hospital

As a level 1 trauma hospital, NYU Winthrop Hospital in Mineola has several procedures in place to make sure its staff is prepared for an emergency, says Dr. D'Andrea Joseph.

"We are trained to handle it, we have staff who can handle,” said Dr. Joseph. “In the unlikely event that something like this happens, we will be there and take care of whoever needs to be taken care of."

Being a level 1 hospital means there is a trauma and critical care surgeon present 24/7 and there is also a backup system in place.

As one of five trauma centers on Long Island, NYU Winthrop Hospital routinely conducts drills for emergency situations.

"To have the resources to treat critically ill patients and injured patients, you go through periodic disaster drills. That is also mandated by the college so you can prepare should there be a mass casualty," Dr. Joseph said.

The main objective of doctors at NYU Winthrop Hospital is to never get comfortable and to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

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