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Bill aims for pharmacies in Nassau to post signs warning about dangers of opioids

Lawmakers hope law will help curb addiction to painkillers


MINEOLA — Proposed legislation in Nassau County would require pharmacies to post signs warning about the dangers of opioids.

“It is a war, but what it is, it's a very innocent beginning, and that again is what I want to have families be aware of it. You think when you’re used to doing what doctors say and I know doctors have the best interest as far as helping people, I do get that. But this has a hidden danger,” said Nassau County Legislator Delia DeRiggi Whitton. She hopes the new bill will help curb what she calls a "public health crisis," the addiction to painkillers.

“What we want to do is require what we have almost like in bars, which is just a warning that opiate use can lead to the beginning of a drug issue. We're going to have the sign posted in a number of different languages in every pharmacy in Nassau County,” DeRiggi Whitton said.

The sign would read warning medications containing opioids are addictive and subject to abuse.

“It is very painful to watch, it’s very painful when you can't do anything about it and it is your child,” said RoseMarie Sherry of Glen Cove. Her son had a shoulder injury years ago and was prescribed painkillers. A difficult road followed.

“And like any other illness that creeps into your house and takes over one of your children, whether it’s addiction, or diabetes, or an eating disorder, or anything else, or cancer, it's a disease. It's an addiction that needs to be discussed. It needs to be discussed every day,” cautioned Sherry. She says her son is now doing well.

As for how this bill will fare, FiOS1 News reached out to the spokesperson for the Republicans in the legislature and was told the bill is under review.

The bill was filed Monday morning. After Monday's legislative meeting, there is a bit of a summer break, so the earliest this bill would be heard is September.

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