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Outside financial board rejects Nassau’s budget that eliminated $60M fee hikes

The finance authority says the numbers just don't add up


UNIONDALE — The board in control of Nassau County's finances voted down the 2018 budget Thursday evening.

The Nassau Interim Finance Authority Chairman Adam Barsky says the rejection comes after lawmakers removed $60 million worth of fee hikes out of the budget and were banking on 'overly optimistic assumptions' to replace the fees.

Barsky says lawmakers will have until Nov. 27 to come back to NIFA with a plan they find acceptable or that too will be rejected and NIFA will proceed to institute its own cuts to cover the shortfall.

"In order for them to make any modifications to the budget, they had to modify it with occurring expense cuts or new enhancements. That did not happen when we rejected the $31.5 million of amendments," Barsky said.

Republican lawmakers approved Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano’s $2.99 billion budget with amendments to remove the $60 million in extra fees.

On Wednesday, Nassau County executive-elect, Laura Curran, was asked if she would partner with NIFA or the board when making financial decisions or is it no longer essential.

“I am planning to have a conversation with Barsky this afternoon, and hope to have a constructive conversation that will benefit the taxpayers," she said.

Nassau lawmakers have until Nov. 27 to find additional cuts or revenue enhancements or NIFA step in and make the cuts for them.

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