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PD: Hempstead police chase leads to 2 arrests, 1 injury

Son witnesses fleeing SUV strike his father’s truck


HEMPSTEAD — A wild police chase that led to a crash on Tuesday started after officers tried to conduct a traffic stop to investigate a report of a stolen vehicle.

Angelo Fuentes, teary eyed, says his father, Angel, was in a car accident involving the stolen vehicle. The front of the box truck Angel was driving was completely mangled.

“I just ran when I saw it was him and yelling his name, hoping he was all right,” Fuentes said.

Hempstead police say it started early Tuesday morning as officers were investigating a report of a stolen vehicle in the vicinity of Front Street. During the course of the investigation, a police officer on foot confronted the driver of the vehicle. That's when the SUV attempted to flee the scene, almost striking the officer and hitting several parked cars, including a police vehicle. Authorities say two shots were then fired by police near Front Street, but no injuries were reported. The fleeing vehicle then crashed into the box truck.

The suspected stolen vehicle came to rest just feet away from a home, leaving a trail of debris behind.

Angel Fuentes was injured during the crash as police had to extricate him from the vehicle.

“They cut him out the vehicle. He was injured. He has a broken leg, supposedly his rib cage. They took him into the hospital. So hopefully, he should be good in a couple weeks,” he said.

Police say two suspects attempted to run away from the crashed vehicle, but were arrested and taken into custody.

Hempstead police have not yet released the names of the two suspects arrested, as the investigation continues.

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