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Some LIRR customers believe train service ran well first week of NYC repairs

‘To me it’s going great, they are doing a fine job,’ says one rider


HICKSVILLE — The MTA believes the first week of track work and the commuter crisis has gone well, and the system is running as best as possible.
But what do commuters think?

Friday marks five days since the summer Long Island Railroad schedule has been put into effect. In the beginning many were very apprehensive about the changes. Gov. Andrew Cuomo even coining it the "summer of hell" but after talking to commuters at the Hicksville LIRR station, it seems like things haven't been that bad.

“Amazing that there was supposed to be a doomsday, with construction and everything the rides have actually gotten better,” said Hicksville resident Anabal Monserrate

“I was three minutes late and it was pretty much on time besides that,” said Ashley Moss of Williamsburg

“To me it’s going great, they are doing a fine job,” commented Jennifer Bell of Queens.

As of right now, commuters are happy with the service. Amtrak says they do not plan on making any changes to their schedule at the moment. Everything seems to be running smoothly and on schedule. But they say they will remain flexible and if they need to make a change, they will.

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