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Amtrak says it has not faced major issues as Week 5 of repairs ends

Some LIRR riders say they have not been impacted by the work at Penn Station


It’s been five weeks since the start of the summer track work at Penn Station. So far Amtrak officials say the work has been going well and ahead of schedule.

“We've had another very good week. First off, the station itself has not had any major problems or issues during the week, nothing that would be unexpected or unusual in the railroad. So we're very happy and continue to be happy with the performance,” said Amtrak chief operating officer Scot Naparstek.

Some of the work completed this week included installing 700 liner feet of new track, and pouring concrete for a rebuilt Track 10 has been completed to just name a few. Amtrak says the works has been done without any major issues.

Commuters at the New Hyde Park LIRR train station say while they were expecting their commute to be impacted big time but, it hasn't changed much.

“I keep seeing the warnings about it and i haven't really been impacted by that…,” said LIRR rider Johnny Ryan.

“It’s been fine. It's been very fine. I take the train on Mondays and Fridays,” said commuter Dan Requelme.

Amtrak plans on continuing their summer work and if things continue to go as well as they have been going, the work should be finished on time in September.

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