Dominic CarterFeb 15, 2018, 8:23 pmFeb 16, 2018, 3:33 pm

Percoco Trial: Key witness testifies on arguments with Gov. Cuomo

Former lobbyist Todd Howe claimed that Cuomo yelled at him when a deal to build a basketball arena in Syracuse fell apart


NEW YORK CITY — The name of Gov. Andrew Cuomo has come up repeatedly at the trial of Joseph Percoco. Former lobbyist Todd Howe ended his testimony on Thursday, claiming that Cuomo yelled at him after a deal to build a new basketball arena in downtown Syracuse fell apart.

Howe was representing one of the companies involved, Cor Development, but some local officials walked away from the deal, which led to the outburst from Gov. Cuomo.

Defense lawyers have spent the last week attempting to destroy any credibility that Howe might have had with jurors, including forcing him to admit that his arrest last week was not the first time federal authorities have considered canceling his cooperation agreement.

Meanwhile, New York Republicans are directly targeting Gov. Cuomo over his relationship with Perococo, pointing at witnesses who have testified that once Percoco left the government payroll and ran Cuomo's campaigns he still reportedly used his state offices.

"If the governor was involved, he was aiding and abetting Percoco's criminal activities out of that office right next to the governor," said New York State Republican Chairman Ed Cox.

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