Dominic CarterFeb 16, 2018, 7:11 pm

Percoco trial: Prosecutors turn their focus on Joseph Percoco's wife

While Lisa Percoco has not been charged with a crime, they allege that her job was part of a bribery scheme


NEW YORK CITY — While federal prosecutors have not charged Lisa Percoco with a crime, they are alleging that the job she was given was part of a bribery scheme. The wife of Joseph Percoco, the former aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, is an educator and worked for Competitive Power Ventures, one of the two companies where executives are currently being tried along with Joseph. Lisa’s supervisor, Yanina Dangle, testified that her job was to work with the company's program for 4th-graders, titled "CPV Educates.”

Dangle testified that Lisa’s first payment was in November of 2012, but was not aware of any work that she did for that month. The supervisor said another consultant was paid $2,500 a month, but Dangle’s supervisor, who is also a defendant in this case, Peter Galbraith Kelly, paid Lisa $7,500 a month.

Joseph Percoco, meanwhile, maintains his innocence, and his attorneys deny he took any action on CPV's behalf.

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