Dominic CarterFeb 21, 2018, 7:48 pm

Percoco trial: Co-worker of Percoco's wife takes the stand

Prosecutors: Lisa Percoco made $90K a year over 3 years for 19 days in the classroom as part of a plan to bribe Joseph Percoco


The trial of former-Andrew Cuomo aide Joseph Percoco continued on Wednesday, as prosecutors alleged that one of the companies involved, Competitive Power Ventures, bribed Joseph Percoco through a $300,000 scheme where they educated his wife, Lisa Percoco, for what prosecutors say was very little work. According to prosecutors, Lisa made $90,000 a year over 3 years for 19 days in the classroom, never for more than 3 hours at a time, and all part of a shell operation to bribe Joseph.

The defense argues that Lisa performed well at the job and that her students loved her teaching them about energy.

Prosecutors put Karrie Kamm, Lisa’s co-worker, on the witness stand on Wednesday, pointing out that Lisa was paid $7,500 a month and Hamm only $2,400 a month, even though they were in the classroom together, alternating who taught the lesson of the day.

Hamm, who often praised Lisa during her testimony, said "[Lisa Percoco] saw the document, but did not create the document. I created the document."

Hamm said she would spend two hours a day promoting the energy company on Twitter, and when asked by prosecutors what social media work Lisa would cover, she responded, "I don't recall [Lisa] ever submitting a tweet."

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