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Pickup truck driver admits to driving drunk during deadly 2015 limo crash on East End

Steve Romeo pleads guilty to DWAI, ordered to pay $500 fine and gets 90-day license suspension

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After fatal wreck, grand jury in NY questions limo safety  

The driver of a pickup truck that slammed into a limousine killing four people in July 2015 was sentenced Wednesday.

Many people were present at a Central Islip court, appearing for both the victims' families and Steve Romeo, the driver of that truck, that the judge switched courtrooms to allow for more room.

Romeo, the driver of the truck involved in that East End Crash, pleaded guilty to driving while ability impaired. He has to pay a $500 fine and his license will be suspended for 90 days.

In the courtroom, family members of the four victims, who were distraught throughout the proceeding yelled out, sobbed and even laughed sarcastically, when the judge gave Romeo that 90-day license suspension.

Family members of the four young women killed in the July 2015 East End limo crash were too distraught to speak to reporters following Steve Romeo's court appearance Wednesday.

Family members of the victims yelled out, clearly not happy with the plea, some even yelling at Romeo's attorney to face them in court, rather than the judge.

In October, as FiOS1 News reported, a judge determined that limo driver Carlos Pino's actions were not criminal, which was a decision that the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office has said it would appeal.

“I was able to see that for myself, and the findings were that a sober driver would not have been able to react and prevent the crash based upon the limo driver's actions that day,” said Prosecutor John Scott Prudenti as he discussed a re-enactment of the accident.

Steve Romeo did not address the media following his court appearance, but his attorney did.

“What no one has known is that Steve has felt sorrow for the families from day one. And we have spoken with Steve for 20 months and he's never been able to say that because obviously, he has attorneys. He has attorneys in this case, he has attorneys in other legal matters and he's told by attorneys not to say anything. Today, he could not speak. He just didn’t have the ability to speak” said defense attorney Steve O'Brien.

In court Wednesday, 15 court officers were standing in the courtroom and when the proceeding was done, they first escorted out the family members of the victims, keeping them separate from Romeo.

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