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2 Suffolk women separately attacked by pit bulls demand accountability

Victims want to know why canines were returned to owner after first violent encounter

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*WARNING* The following article contains details that may be graphic in nature.

Two Suffolk residents who were mauled by the same three pit bulls in separate attacks are speaking out today, telling FiOS1 News that someone needs to be held accountable. The pit bulls have since been euthanized, but the victims want to know why, after the first attack, they continued to roam free.

Corey Doherty has not been back to her Rocky Point home since Aug.10th, the day she was mauled by three pit bulls.

Doherty was 16 weeks pregnant in the backyard with her four Chihuahuas when the pit bulls jumped her fence and got into her backyard.

“They started attacking my one dog. They ripped his insides out. They snapped his spine. I got him into the house,” Doherty recalls

She went back outside to get her other dogs and was somehow able to get two in her hands, bringing them into her house. The pit bulls tried to get into her house, she says the house where her son Thomas was playing five feet from the door.

“I had to push them out of the doorway, realizing that my other dog was still outside,” Doherty says when she once again went outside to attempt that final rescue.

“They came from every angle, they bit me all over my hands, my arms, they were tearing my arms and hands apart until I let her go and they literally shredded her to pieces and ate her alive in my arms”

Doherty's two dogs, Bentley and Remy, did not make it.

Doherty, now 20 weeks pregnant, is left wondering if her attack could have been prevented because a week before her attack, the same three pit bulls attacked Elena Tsaregorodtseva of Rocky Point and her dog, Bella, on the beach—all while her young boys watched.

“When this whole attack was over, I noticed I had shreds of my dog's flesh all over me. I was covered in flesh,” Tsaregorodtseva says.

Three surgeries later, Bella, miraculously did make it. But now both victims want to know why the dogs, the night of that first attack were returned to their owner.

“The attack was so horrible it never even occurred to me that they would release those beasts back to the owner,” Tsaregorodtseva says.

“Nobody seems to want to be accountable. Brookhaven wants to blame Suffolk, Suffolk wants to blame Brookhaven,” says Doherty

The Town of Brookhaven declined several requests for an on-camera interview, but in a statement, a spokesperson tells FiOS1 News that the town's animal control was called following the first attack, but says before they got there, police released dogs to the owner.

The Suffolk County Police report, from the first attack, however, says "owner of three dogs responded to scene, and recovered his dogs, as per animal control."

Following the second attack, Brookhaven Town says again police released the dogs to their owner, but the pit bulls were later surrendered to the Town. The Town says it sought a court order ensuring that the pit bulls would not be returned to the owner or anyone- and a judge agreed. They were then euthanized.

In a statement, the Suffolk County Police Department says:

"Our officers followed the rules and procedures of the Suffolk County Police Department in handling this unfortunate incident."

Both statements did not clarified what the proper procedures are.

As for the owner of the pit bulls, Peter Connolly, FiOS1 News went to his home seeking comment and called him but have not received a response. Meantime, both victims would like to hear from Suffolk County and the Town of Brookhaven.

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