Ron LeeNov 7, 2017, 12:52 pm

Election Day: Former senator and county legislator vie for office of Nassau executive

Republican Jack Martins and Democrat Laura Curran aim to replace Edward Mangano


OLD WESTBURY — While one can safely assume who GOP candidate Jack Martins voted for himself the morning of Election Day in the race for Nassau County Executive, the big question is whether he or Democrat Laura Curran will end the day with enough votes to succeed Ed Mangano as Nassau top's spot.

"Our opponent started last November. We started in June and we had a lot of catching up to do, and we did. You know, we got out there. We held our Town Hall meetings. We met with people. We listened. We answered questions, and I think it's paid off., you know, as we got closer and closer to Election Day, to today. We really got a sense that there was momentum, people were responding," Martins said.

The major-party candidates are said to be running neck and neck. With Mangano not running for re-election as he fights federal corruption charges, Legislator Curran's campaign has made Mangano and some other embattled politicians a major focus with promises to end political corruption.

"We cannot afford to continue to pay the corruption tax. We have to make sure every penny is being spent appropriately that we are hiring people on what they know, not who they know, getting rid of nepotism, getting rid of the patronage and truly, truly being accountable to the people we represent," Curran said.

While Curran is not a career politician, Martins is a former GOP senator and claims his political history offers a track record for fixing things. Martins has also pledged to root out political corruption and says in his work with the state, he helped cut taxes.

With Nassau County having a history of low voter turnout for local elections both Martins and Currans are urging voters to cast their ballots this Election Day.

Polls will be open across the state until 9 p.m.

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