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Flyer that says Laura Curran will 'roll out welcome mat’ to MS-13 sent to residents’ homes

Jack Martins accuses Curran of not doing enough to stop violent gangs on LI


GREAT NECK — Nassau County executive candidate Laura Curran is speaking out about a flyer, sent out to residents on Monday, which says she “will roll out the welcome mat for violent gangs like MS-13.”

Democrat Curran's opponent Republican Jack Martins says the state committee sent out the mailer and he believes that it points out to her alleged interest in turning Nassau into a sanctuary county.

"I am committed to keeping our families safe. That flyer is a reminder that we have a very dangerous enemy out there and I think it's very appropriate that people see the face of the enemy," Martins said in defense of the flyer.

At his campaign headquarters in Franklin Square, Martins says Curran is funded by special interest groups who want to make Nassau a sanctuary county for immigrants, including ones convicted of violent crimes.

“She believes in these sanctuary policies, she believes in that philosophy. She's surrounded herself with people who do. She's accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars; shame on her," he said.

But Curran says the statements on the flyer are lies.

"I do not believe Nassau County should be a sanctuary county. I believe police should have the resources they need and be able to work with their partners in the federal government that they need to do the investigations and to do the enforcement," she said.

On Tuesday, Curran called the flyer a desperate form of campaign fear mongering.

"I think it is despicable. I think the fact that he is exploiting murders of children and doing this just terrible fear mongering is a sign of desperation," she said.

Curran and martins will face off for the Nassau County executive seat in one week

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