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Leg. Laura Curran declares victory in race for Nassau executive

Lawmaker is set to make history to become first woman to hold office in the county


NEW HYDE PARK — Democrat Laura Curran declared victory on the night of Election Day in the race for Nassau County executive. And while she did claim victory, her Republican opponent Jack Martins has not conceded.

In a historical race, Curran is the first woman county executive from a major office to take office in Nassau.

She will replace current Nassau Executive Edward Mangano, who did not run and is facing federal corruption charges. Curran faced former GOP state senator Jack Martins during the election.

Supporters say they were confident Curran would claim victory Tuesday, as it was time for a change in Nassau, and many across the county felt the same, leading them to head to the polls.

Nassau County Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs says their party is ready to hit the ground running. He asked to Curran to run because he thought she'd be a fresh, nonpolitical force the county needed.

Following corruption scandals, Curran says people want ethics reform, and that is exactly what she will bring to the table. Throughout her campaign, Curran has promised honest government, the end of nepotism, and to hold the line on tax and fee hikes.

Curran will officially take the Nassau County executive office in January.

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