Former lobbyist Todd Howe claimed that Cuomo yelled at him when a deal to build a basketball arena in Syracuse fell apart

Lawmakers vote to pass a new budget, re-open the federal government

Paul was seeking a vote on reversing spending increases and refused to speed things up when he was denied

Anticipation intensifies for defense cross examination

Todd Howe hopes his cooperation with prosecution will shave some time off his prison sentence

The memo, prepared by Republicans on the House intelligence committee, asserts anti-Trump bias in the FBI's investigations

The memo, prepared by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, is said to allege FBI misconduct in the initial stages of its investigation of potential ties between Russia and Trump's 2016 campaign

President Donald Trump called for a "new American moment" of unity

The White House says the president will set an unifying tone for his speech

The White House says POTUS will try to unify a deeply divided country

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