Lawmaker is set to make history to become first woman to hold office in the county

De Blasio's first term was dogged by feuds with Gov. Andrew Cuomo and investigations into campaign donations and pay-to-play politics

Republican candidate Larry Zacarese is new to politics but thinks he has what it takes to beat his opponent, Errol Touloun Jr.

Republican Jack Martins and Democrat Laura Curran aim to replace Edward Mangano

Appointed Supervisor Joseph Saladino hopes to keep his position while challenger Marc Herman wants to bring fresh start to local government

The county is known for having low voter turnouts

Republican Jack Martins and Democrat Legislator Laura Curran explain their vision for the county

Group says county-wide mailings depicting tattooed Hispanics are being used as form of race-baiting

The Republican version of the bill was used after both sides of the political aisle filed separate bills to nix the increases

Former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, pleads not guilty to felony charges of conspiracy

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