Dominic CarterJan 29, 2018, 8:17 pmJan 29, 2018, 11:31 pm

Prosecutors: Syracuse developers bribed Percoco through ‘shell company’

A $20,000 check was written to his wife for ‘labor assistance,’ according to officials


MANHATTAN, N.Y. — The bribery trial of Governor Andrew Cuomo's former aide and close confidante Joseph Percoco continued Monday with prosecutors accusing him of accepting bribes from Syracuse developers.

In the alleged scheme, prosecutors say Syracuse businessman Steve Aiello bribed Joe Percoco to get Aiello's son, Steve Jr., a raise. Prosecutors presented strongly-worded emails Percoco sent to government officials to obtain the raise for the son who was also employed by the state. In one email, Percoco chastised government employees by saying, “This is another stupid blunder. I raised this months ago. Now, he is quitting because you guys can't get the simplest things executed."

The Syracuse developers are accused of paying Percoco the alleged bribes through a "shell company" set up by lobbyist Todd Howe. In one case, the developer wrote a $20,000 check to Howe. Then, days later, his shell company wrote a $20,000 check to Percoco's wife Lisa for “labor assistance.”

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