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State plans to spend over $25M on housing development projects

Project aims to create over 200 affordable homes across Long Island


PORT JEFFERSON – The New York state government will spend $25.6 million on four different housing developments on Long Island. The project aims to create over 200 affordable homes. On Long Island, the project would bring 77 homes and 45 apartments to Port Jefferson, 75 homes to Islip, 37 homes to East Hampton, and 50 homes to the Town of Southold. The plan is expected to be completed in the next five years.

The New York state government is focusing on revitalizing communities by building and preserving homes and apartments throughout the state's 10 regions. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the plan will allow housing to become more accessible and will hopefully solve the problem of homelessness in the state.

When announcing the new funding, Cuomo said, "This investment is a significant milestone in New York’s $20 billion housing and homelessness plan and a giant step forward in our efforts to increase access to homes for families, seniors, and our most vulnerable men and women across the state."

Some residents said they’re supportive of the project.

"I believe affordable housing in any area is good for people who just can't afford the high rents on Long Island," Port Jefferson resident Keith Killackui said.

However, some residents of Port Jefferson don't think it is the best place for them because it will reduce property values.

"And I don't understand, where are we going to put them? I don't think [Cuomo is] really in touch with what we're looking for," Port Jefferson resident Shawn Woods said. "I think it's a disgrace ... it's going to take away the beauty of lower port."

Despite a potential influx of homeless people, some residents ask their neighbors to be compassionate.

"Homeless people, you know, will bring a little bit of bad feeling to some people in the area, but people have to understand. What if they were in that situation? Wouldn't they want something to be done for them?" Port Jefferson Station resident Keith Killackui said.

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