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Republican leaders in Washington call for ethics probe of Sen. Menendez

The senator’s legal troubles might not be over


NEWARK — Though the trial has ended, there could still be other legal actions in front of Senator Bob Menendez.

Prosecutors did not say whether they plan on retrying Menendez, though the attorney for Dr. Melgin, Kirk Ogrosky, says he isn’t sure if that’s a possibility.

“I don't expect that, but I don't know. That's not something we're looking for. The judge can grant acquittals,” Ogrosky said.

The U.S. Justice Department released a statement saying they are considering their next step.

The charges could hang over Menedez as he gets ready for a re-election run next year. Though he hasn't officially announced his run, he may be heading back to the campaign trail with extra motivation.

For those who doubted his innocence, Menendez said he will work hard to earn back their trust.

“To those that have a doubt I'm going to work harder than ever before so that there is no doubt,” he said.

With Republicans holding a slight edge over the Democrats, there's an added focus on every seat.

And in Washington, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already called for a probe.

“The Ethics Committee will investigate Menendez for possible violations of public trust and the Senate Code of Conduct,” McConnell said.

As for the lawmakers who publically called on Menendez to resign from office, he had only one thing to say to them.

“To those that were digging my political grave, I know who you are, and I won't forget you,” he said.

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