Michael Cohen is discussing possible plea deal with federal prosecutors
Regional News

Regional News


Uber, Lyft drivers will operate under a uniform statewide license, while cabs need individual permission from each municipality

The $1.6B plan will connect Penn Station with the James A. Farley Post Office Building will increase floor space by 50%

Authorities: Hysteria was the result of Amtrak police officer firing stun gun on a man

Sheila Abdus-Salaam's body was discovered near Harlem Wednesday, a day after she was reported missing, police say

Governor Cuomo, a strong supporter of the move, signed the measure that he says will stop practice that does more harm than good

New York will be first in the nation to offer free college tuition to middle-class students

Customers faced canceled and delayed trains systemwide

Foley Square protesters rally against extreme agenda of Pres. Trump and SCOTUS nominee Judge Gorsuch

Food substance affected 3 TSA agents opening a bag, according to Port Authority police

Mayor Bill De Blasio: 'The hearts of our city are broken today'

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