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Regional News


Authorities say the men are being sought as potential witnesses in the case, not as suspects

Ahmad Khan Rahami vowed to martyr himself rather than be caught after setting off explosives in New York and New Jersey

Investigators say that Rahami was carrying a journal that included references to Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki

Non-profit group’s new findings reveal something that many have suspected

Rahami was accused of stabbing a relative in 2014, but a grand jury declined to proceed with criminal charges

Officer Angel Padilla has been released from hospital; Officer Peter Hammer is still recovering

Congressman credits vigilant residents and determined law enforcement

Julio Hurtado says people near the scene were scared after shots rang in the community

Investigators executed a search warrant at his family’s apartment above a fried chicken restaurant in Elizabeth Monday, officials say

Residents hope for a quiet time after chaos of Saturday

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