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Replacement unveiled for Marine medallion stolen from veterans memorial in Islandia

Village is still looking for person who stole medallion from New War Veterans Memorial almost five months ago

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$5K reward offered for info that leads to arrest in veterans’ memorial vandalism 

After months without one of its treasured medallions, a veterans memorial in Islandia is receiving its replacement.

This holiday weekend, while many are remembering those who died in America's wars, the village of Islandia is still looking for the person who stole a medallion from the New War Veterans Memorial almost five months ago.

Mayor Allan Dorman says, "A group of morons came here and took that medallion, the Marine Corps medallion, off this memorial, because they felt that maybe they were going to prove something."

The thieves left only a painting in place of the real thing and damaged the memorial, the village says. The original represented those who fought in the United States Marine Corps.

A member of Suffolk County Detachment of the Marine Corps League says they were looking forward to presenting it as Marines. "The unveiling is important to us because somebody went ahead and removed it," says Carmine Raineri, Suffolk County Detachment of Marine Corps League.

Now, the village can finally get some kind of closure with the unveiling of the new medallion in its place on Saturday at a Memorial Day weekend remembrance ceremony.

"I am proud that I represent that medallion,” says Dorman. “I am proud of the Marines that are here that represent that medallion."

In addition, veterans and local officials laid wreaths at the foot of the memorial, no longer missing its medallion.

Dorman had a warning of sorts for those responsible for stealing the original. "You know, they say revenge is sweet. Someday, somewhere, some place, that'll happen,” says Dorman. “Don't know when. But I can guarantee that when it happens, I'll let you know."

The village is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone that can get them closer to arresting and prosecuting those guilty for taking the original medallion.

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