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Retired NYPD detective sues LGBT Network for alleged smear campaign

Tom Verni says he has been a target since he had a falling out with the organization


Media commentator and retired NYPD detective, Tom Verni, is suing a local LGBT organization for allegedly creating a Twitter page with his images with tweets that suggest that he sexually molests underage boys.

“There are a number of Twitter posts and then a blog page that popped up with my name and picture on it stating that I was using my police ID to lure underage kids off the internet to have sex with them,” Verni said.

The page has since been taken off Twitter, but Verni has printouts with tweets that say things like “kids, I could touch them” and “I love children.”

Then, there's a website claiming "not Tom Verni" has been engaging in sexual molestation of underage boys.

Verni alleges these even made their way to his husband’s boss.

The alleged smear campaign began after his relationship soured with some at the LGBT Network—where he was a volunteer—after he came forward with accusations of wrongdoing.

“There was a number of EEO type of situations taking place with the mistreatment of employees. There were some allegations of some financial misgivings and some other false reporting of grant applications, grant work and what not,” Verni said.

Verni's attorney Anthony Colleuluori says what it comes down to is fraud.

He is now suing the Woodbury-based LGBT Network, its CEO David Kilmnick, and others for $5 million.

Verni says things first went south at the end of 2014 when Kilmnick and Verni had a disagreement on Facebook over police turning their backs on the mayor at a slain officer's funeral and Verni was unfriended.

“As a result of that Facebook dust up that we had, that's when people started coming forward and messaging me saying, ‘hey, do you know what's going on over there at the LGBT Network?’” Verni said.

He and his attorney did not go into detail about the alleged mishandling of money but the lawsuit alleges that under the direction of Kilmnick, someone created the internet pages as an act of retaliation against Verni.

A spokesperson for the LGBT Network says the allegations against the organization are completely false, baseless, and frivolous.

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