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Roberto Clemente Park reopens after it was shut down for toxic dumping 4 years ago

Suffolk officials ensure residents that the site is completely safe


After four years, a Brentwood that was shut down because of toxic dumping has finally re-opened to the public.

Several children got to use the playground at Roberto Clemente Park in Brentwood for the first time since the park was shut down because of toxic dumping.

The park was quietly re-opened on Monday morning with no major announcement or celebration.

Islip Parks Commissioner Tom Owens says the town is working with the DEC to monitor the air and the groundwater and assures residents that the facility is now 100 percent safe.

“We apologize that it took so long. That wasn't our intent. But we wanted to make sure that it was safe before we opened the park,” Owens said.

Other town residents say they'd like to see more activities at the park as well as some cosmetic touch-ups, including repairs to cracks in the pavement and rust on the play area.

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