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LI officials address rise of pedestrian and bike accidents on local roads

Summit at Molloy College aims to improve safety measures on dangerous roadways

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Local officials and road safety advocates at the Safer Streets Summit at the Molloy College’s Sustainability Institute in East Farmingdale say too many people die from car crashes. They say with the right improvements tragedy can be preventable in the future.

Along with cars, cyclists and pedestrians also use the roads on Long Island. But officials say there is an alarming number of crashes and deaths among bikers and walkers.

Sylvia Silberger says she's had several close calls, almost getting hit by cars while crossing the street.

Attendees at the summit want to address dangerous roadways on the Island where a high number of crashes happen.

Five hot spots they say need improvement are:

- Route 25A in Miller Place
- Route 110 in Huntington
- Route 109 in Farmingdale
- Route 106/107 in Hicksville
- Route 27/Sunrise Highway in Freeport-Valley Stream.

Paul Molinari is with the Downtown Hicksville Revitalization Committee. He says just weeks ago, a pedestrian died on Route 106 after getting hit by a car at 6:30 in the morning.

Mayor of Farmingdale Ralph Ekstrand says drivers sometimes go as fast as 70 miles an hour in a 40-mile an hour zone on Route 109.

Some possible solutions concluded at the summit are putting in more crosswalks, lowering speed limits, and making more lights no-turn on red.

By coming to the summit, local officials hope to get ideas from others who have already made safety improvements to see what helped in their town or village.

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