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Sen. John Flanagan receives support from officials after completing alcohol treatment

‘Pressures from his position’ caused Flanagan to develop alcohol dependency


New York State Senator Majority Leader John Flanagan revealed on Sunday that he is suffering from alcoholism but is on the road to recovery.

In a statement released by his office, the senator said: “the pressure from his position as majority leader of the New York State Senate has caused him to use alcohol as a crutch.”

Flanagan completed a program to help him stop drinking and has since taken the appropriate steps to control his issue.

Several lawmakers took to Twitter to show their support for his recovery.

Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted out "alcoholism is a disease and Senator Flanagan deserves our respect and support for seeking help." Mayor Bill de Blasio and Senator Brad Holyman echoed similar sentiments.

Senator Flanagan says he will not step down but one resident we spoke with tells us she doesn't agree.

“I feel he should step down, I do. I think it’s important he does what he has to do to get better, but in the meantime, I think he should,” East Northport resident Kendra Sclafani said.

Senator Flanagan hopes his issue with alcohol will serve as an example to others who are battling with alcoholism and urges others to seek help to regain control of their lives

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