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She plays, he cheers: A reversal of football roles in Farmingdale

Freshman Abigail Faber is a kicker on the JV football team; Sophomore Michael Haggerty is a cheerleader


Before this football season, Farmingdale High School Freshman Abigail Faber and Sophomore Michael Haggerty didn't know each other all that well, although the both do enjoy participating in school plays together.

But now, the pair have become friends after garnering some attention together as they began football season with Faber trying out for the Junior Varisty football team, and Haggerty cheering her on as a cheerleader.

"It's definitely brought us closer, I feel," Haggerty said.

"Yeah, we scream at each other in the hallway now," Faber said.

Both say that they love their individual sports, but faced people uncomfortable with them initially trying out for their respective teams.

"A lot of people are judged for different things," Haggerty said. "So I feel like us doing something like this gives people the opportunity to do what they want and not have to worry about feeling different."

While Haggerty says that he has been welcomed by the cheerleading team, Faber says that her transition to the football team hasn't been quite as smooth.

"For me it's about half and half, guys who support me and then the other guys totally hate me. Everyday it's so much pressure, and then everyday I feel sick and everyone is like 'Why are you on the football team if you feel sick?' This is my favorite sport, and I hate it how people don't do what they like because there's people int eh way of what they want to do," Faber said.

Despite the obstacles she faces being a woman in football, Faber says she's learned to deal with it by looking to those who do support her.

And if anyone gives her any trouble?

"If the bother me, I tackle them," Faber said.

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